MTV Iggy Presents 2NE1

Just wanna share one of Kpop’s most successful groups who blissfully penetrates international stardom… 2NE1! ^^

MTV IGGY Presents 2NE1

This link leads to MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World Stage Performance

2NE1 Greets America as MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World | MTV IGGY.

“What’s up! We’re 2ne1!”

Hi! I am not a Korean, am not even able to speak and write Hangeul. But one thing that captivated me relatively close to Korean culture is their music, the Korean Pop or popularly known as K-POP.

I was initially enticed with this Korean gal Sandara Park, who lived in my homeland Philippines for quite a time, and became a popular celebrity. I was then her fan. To cut it short, she went back to Korea and became a part of YGEntertainment’s then newest girl group named 2ne1— New Evolution of 21st Century, as what it seemed. Obviously they became famous — surely it was a dream come true for Sandara Park a.k.a Dara. Aside from her, there were CL, Bom and Minzy to complete the list. And there, 2ne1 became the very first Korean group I fell in love with and they were the ones who introduced me to kpop.

Youtube is a very popular site, if you know what I mean. The first song I heard from them was LOLLIPOP, in collaboration with the girls’ labelmates BIGBANG, and later the I DON’T CARE song that had the coolest music beat on earth (right! I’m a bit exaggerated) which had really grown on me. The music video was even more captivating — for me at least — so everytime I hear the song made me wanna dance and sing “I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh eh eh”… (it’s really cool). Their 2nd song even captured me even more, the GO AWAY. And I thought most of their songs had “eh eh eh eh eh” in it, that would carry you away and makes you sing along — seriously! I wanted to play it over and over again. But, I never had any idea what the lyrics meant. Here came Google to help me out for the English translations. And voila! It killed me. Then I understood clearly the contents of the lyrics, thanks to Teddy Park, their song writer/composer, who put every bit of his soul and meaning to the song, (I wonder what inspired him to create such).

Then last year, 2011, they won over other competitors globally by being hailed as the Best New Band of the World at MTV IGGY. Again they released a variety of powerful and meaningful songs, fierce and bold, with MVs that were hypnotizing and would make you play it again and again and again, and all over again. You should watch the MVs of UGLY and LONELY. They’re just simply the best.

Speaking of the best, their song which also won song of the year at Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2011) last year was entitled I AM THE BEST. Jeez, you should see for yourself. Another thing I love about 2ne1 is their stage performance. It’s all kill, with their leader CL (not Chloride), she’s really something. Bom and Minzy, the main vocals and the dancing machine (Minzy’s voice is underrated,she should have a solo album, YG come on!), and lastly Dara, the “krung-krung” (hahaha, I missed that), she’s the fresh vocals (as fresh as a baby XD ) and the face of the group. If ANYONE is missing, it would never be 2NE1 at all.