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Short story

Her: I love you.

Him: …
 (and she cried in silence…)


You Changed

​The year changed. And so you did. But even before the clock struck 12 midnight to 2017, you changed. 
A change I dared not wish to happen. But somehow did, and became a nightmare to my silent reverie. A change I dared not wish to bring me to tears and madness. 
But you did.
Ours was a ‘fast and furious’ romance. A bad romance? Yes, some might thought that way. But for me, it was one of my happiest moments. Being with you was priceless. If only I could stop the time when I was with you and keep it still, I would. 
I wondered what’s on your mind and wanted to know how you exactly feel. Was your heart still beating for me? Was I still a priority? Because again, you changed. 
You promised things you were not able to fulfill. It seemed normal and mundane for you to easily break such promises. Been doing it for years my dear?
You did not say anything. But your actions were howling at me. Still I gave you the benefit of the doubt. But to be honest, I gave it more to myself than you. I gave myself a chance to understand you and your behavior. You were so near yet so far for me to reach. Just talk.
Because again, you changed! 


My story is not so different from yours. Mine is a little edgy, but how should I know yours isn’t? I put myself in your shoe. What would I do if I am in your situation, and what would you do if you are in mine? Would we do the same thing or do it differently then?

We have different perspectives in life, and our reaction to the end result of every decision might be different.

You may take it nice, I may not.
You may take it rough, I may not.

Learn to say yes. Yes to things that would make us better than who we are now. Take risks and create our own path. A new path we ourselves set foot first. Say yes! 

charice-mom raquel bout

charice-mom raquel bout

This is me. Let me be.
I love you, but I want to be free.
You’re my mother, I am your child
I may be lesbian, but I am not wild.
I respect you, please respect me
Wash away your uncertainty
This is still me, the daughter you knew
Only circumstances brought us to feud.

My heart is torn into pieces
I’m hurting, no pretenses
I understand you,pls do the same to your mother
It’s not easy for me, my dear daughter
I may accept it sooner or later
But I still pray you’ll change for the better
I love you, and I hope we’ll get through this
We’re family and deserve an eternal bliss

(Inspired by Charice’s recent revelation about her sexuality and her mom’s painful reaction to it.)
Photo credits to the rightful owners.

I just saw in TV Patrol report tonight via TFC (The Filipino Channel) about the arrival of one of Korea’s best male groups, BIGBANG, in the Philippines. Lots of Filipino VIPs waited in the exit area of NAIA, with their banners and voices ready–ready to scream. And me, being unable to be physically present at that magical moment (and I started to be a fangirl again), I stalked the group through twitter with the help of other VIPs who tweeted and who were actually there. And one photo caught my attention really seriously. When I view the picture, I cracked so hard, that I felt like an idiot laughing in front of my computer. People in front of me wondered, but i never cared.


*credits to the source

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