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The agony

Eyes shut, scar-faced,
born outside will-
tears burnt, poured doom
over a love to kill.

Glassy-eyed, shredded stare
mourned hereof catastrophe-
sweet revenge,
stringed with simple apathy



sign of freedom

unchain me

silence, relinquished the agony
i burried deep in my utmost
..and here, i whispered my gentle sobs
with the melody of my youth…
a faint laugh, echoed through every corner of my soul…
with every bit of teardrop,
i paid a price of may freed existence!
and my humane whim
relished me with content and simplicity….
in my stance,i wore a genuine smile,
that brought back my fervent being,
from the solitary life
i was dumped into!

 i am free!..

this is life!…

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