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The End


An apple you are from the past,
of that which Adam and Eve took
A forbidden fruit I am not to eat
but stare and wonder for until when.

Funny how I imagine myself ,
with kids I used to dream, a family
I want to make with the man
I deeply fall in love with.

It has gone not so further,
but ends too soon-
A sight from afar,
tender neither touch nor kiss.
–rather for my eyes only.

Hold on to our plans,
but you shatter this delicate heart.
This is no mortal, I tell you
and so the whole me.

No promises,
but cling to the untold.
A rosebud, I am to bloom
but dries out in drought.

Your filthy words?
A knife against my chest.
Say no hate for my tears,
for they fall only for you.

A day to realize of my worth,
is also a day
I end up not loving you,


Black and White

A voice within–
Putting words through black and white
Scribbles of a silent mind
Long been sleeping

Strangled thoughts–
Staring ahead, black and endless
Storming temporal stillness
Weakness is fought

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