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The End


An apple you are from the past,
of that which Adam and Eve took
A forbidden fruit I am not to eat
but stare and wonder for until when.

Funny how I imagine myself ,
with kids I used to dream, a family
I want to make with the man
I deeply fall in love with.

It has gone not so further,
but ends too soon-
A sight from afar,
tender neither touch nor kiss.
–rather for my eyes only.

Hold on to our plans,
but you shatter this delicate heart.
This is no mortal, I tell you
and so the whole me.

No promises,
but cling to the untold.
A rosebud, I am to bloom
but dries out in drought.

Your filthy words?
A knife against my chest.
Say no hate for my tears,
for they fall only for you.

A day to realize of my worth,
is also a day
I end up not loving you,


The Night Awaits

Here comes
The black curtain
That slowly covers
The windows of my soul
The theatre
To which I stand still
Is now dark
And no one to hold.

It’s another night
To sleep by
Another nightmare
To struggle upon
As strangled thoughts
Fear encloses my being
And so on.

I breathe in
And breathe out
Sweating over fright
Of the unknown.
Unstable ground
Keeps my knees weak
Yet I stand still.
Alas! My fear has grown.


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