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Please Listen

We had an ordinary love affair
And it all seemed perfect
You were once sweet and gentle
I could not ask for more

We had good moments together
Like we were inseparable
Everything seemed unreal
Everything was so good to be true

Then that day came
The day I feared to happen
You suddenly acted cold and distant
Like we were strangers

Those moments we had shared
Were like dried leaves of Autumn
That slowly withered
As winter approached

I thought ours was forever
But I was all mistaken
You changed more and more
Became somebody that I used to know

What about the dreams we dreamed together?
You said you love me,
You said I was meant for you
Where had I gone wrong?

I never cried
You should be proud of me
I was strong enough
And stood on my ground

I waited for your words
Waited to hear your voice
But who was that?
She seemed so close to you.

I watched from afar
Saw you embraced her so tight
The way you used to embrace me
And made promises

Tell me, please
Where did I go wrong?
I want you back
I want us back

I beg you
Don’t hurt me like this
I still believe
We could make it work out

Don’t crumple my heart
I still hold on to you
Don’t throw my love away
Give us a chance

If I made mistakes
Forgive me so
I know where I stand
If you need space, so be it

Think of it a thousand times
and as time goes by
Always remember
I will wait for you until whenever


My Own Perfect World

I sing a song
Of love and hope
Fear and doubt aside
Dreams and happiness fly high
Reminiscing sweetness of good memories

Imagination is the key
To create my own world
Of complete beauty and perfection
Pleasing to my own eyes
Glowing with zest and freedom

Blaze with fiery will
To live each day as if it’s the end
Like a royalty bathe with honey and milk
Live a vanity fair of an ambitious soul
Playing to claim and win a king’s heart

Flowing fortunes of diamonds
Walk like shadows of good faith
Surrounding the world with surreal beauty
Like a doll house, extravagant and impeccable
Intransient to the eyes of the critics

In my home sweet home
Guns perish, flowers bloom
Clear waters flow so calm and pure
Sparks of those natural fireworks
In the nightsky, constellations are free

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the sun still sets

the sun still sets

some things are just hard to achieve.. no matter how you try to exert your effort, it just won’t do any good… some waste! There’s this term “patience” which i define as  being able to endure the cruelties that life may bring… yes!.. you may have that characteristic in you but, it wears off… like some organic plant that rots…



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