War over one kingdom,
Chased for power and dignity;
Danced with, and cheated Death.
He who lived, hailed strongest.

Blood fed the soil–
Vultures flew back and forth
Over rotten, slain brave warriors.
Unfortunate captives,
Differ nothing to the deads.

Swords of the devil
Cursed the young flesh,
Left wounded souls that
Led to the fiery furnace…

A king’s head,
A trophy to win!
The battlefield held proof,
Of the bloody mayhem.

Would history claim
This subtle war?
Would it be remembered down
The memory lane?

For every droplet of
Blood and sweat,
For every cry of suffering,
Served as key to victory.

Frozen stares of these
Masked monsters,
Callous and relentless;
The story of the fallen warriors
Seemed endless!

A territory to protect,
A haven to fight for,
An abode worth saving,
A kingdom of heaven.


*photo source:
Holy Wars 2010

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