I just read a tweet from twitter that Cebu and Negros were shaken by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake around 11 am (Philippine time) today, Feb 6, 2012. I called my mother to check on her, and there she was, inside her office doing her paper works while all other employees already went home. She said she has lots of things to finish. God forbid, but a tsunami alert had been raised, and her office was just a spit away from the dike. And here I am, on the other part of the globe, frantic of her safety. Now tell me whose daughter wouldn’t panic, when she knows her family is at possible risk.

“If it’s your time, then it’s your time”, that’s what she answered me when I pleaded her to go home and evacuate to a higher place. Ok, I accepted that, but God gave us abilities to move and think. How can God help us if we are not doing a single thing to save our lives, or at least trying to. I’m not in Cebu right now, but panic is all over me. I called my brother who’s also not in Cebu, to call and check on our mother whether she went home or not, just right after I called. Good thing she did, and he said they moved to a higher location overlooking Tañon Strait, and the opposite island (Negros). Aftershocks are still ongoing, so everything’s unstable yet.

I may be overthinking things, but I can’t afford to lose any of my family members. My body is here, but my mind is wandering around Cebu. I’m working far away from home for my family, and everything boils down to my FAMILY. I’m just a daughter, a sister and a cousin who cares. And the saddest thing is, I’m not there to help them.

God bless my family, all Cebuanos and Negrinse who are affected by the earthquake. Safety be upon you.


Later update:

After quite a time, I called again. And thank God, they’re all doing fine. Despite the ongoing aftershocks, which already recorded over 200 on the list, everything went normal. And the tsunami alert had been said to be just a false alarm. That’s a relief, but still, with this force majeur events, only time can tell. In God’s time, everything else will fall into its own place. God bless Philippines!

Aloguinsan, Cebu, my hometown, is just across Tañon Strait and Guihulngan, Negros Oriental


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After the magnitude 6.9 earthquake

After the magnitude 6.9 earthquake