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Broken Wings

An epic beauty lives
Within a lone wolf.
Her innocent soul,
Tormented, treaded, and injured!
“What’s my worth?”.
An unanswered question
Gradually crushed her being,
Left hanging…

Mind of a genius
Heart of a saint
Love of a mother
Innocence of a child.
For all its worth,
A question remains,
“What’s my worth?”.

She awaits the dawn
Half smiles whilst

Raindrops start to fall,
Her tears, out of control.
Hurt, sadness and bitterness
Encapsulate her
Now darkened soul.
It rings again
To her hand-covered ears
“What’s my worth?”.
A never-ending question
killing her entire sanity.

“What’s my worth?”.
It echoes in the abyss
Mimicking her cry,
And prolonging her agony.
She, in total despair,
In her subconsciousness,
Awaits a response,
From the blurry depths
Of the dark valleys.

No response!
She fails!
She lives, yet dies!
She flies with broken wings.
And the suffering continues…
A living dead…

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The agony

Eyes shut, scar-faced,
born outside will-
tears burnt, poured doom
over a love to kill.

Glassy-eyed, shredded stare
mourned hereof catastrophe-
sweet revenge,
stringed with simple apathy

His Last Whisper

I walked through waters
freezing as ice,
tore my skin
from the vengeful coldness.
Step by step,
my body ached;
cramped flesh inside,
felt exiled-
one had stared
from afar i saw,
a still shadow,
a vision of emptiness.

His stare is of the dead’s
blank and deadened;
caress of his lifeless hands,
my face benumbed!
One cold whisper,
and there was abysmal
darkness —

lifeless infinity

be all ears, to my secluded sobs
and console my grounded dignity
not with your pretenses,
but only your gentleness

clear out my ambiguities
profoundly splattering through my veins
and watch me fall deep
into this endless hollows

reach out to me
not your broken promises
should i hold free from your unwilling palms
i’ll be soulless and afflictive
in this coarse armor of vengeance



The echo grabbed my ear, as my eyes cried with blood!Redemption was never near, just vengeance,calling the odd.

 Friction of hatred and gloom, ached my weak and wounded heart.  Scarred by the pending doom, illumination was yet far!

Chances made you the winner, but you already got me cold. Let your soul be the waiver – take it, mine is your gold!

I clung onto a tiny thread, as innocence disposed of hope.  From this shadow I was formerly led, I struggled and it showed.

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