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My Own Perfect World

I sing a song
Of love and hope
Fear and doubt aside
Dreams and happiness fly high
Reminiscing sweetness of good memories

Imagination is the key
To create my own world
Of complete beauty and perfection
Pleasing to my own eyes
Glowing with zest and freedom

Blaze with fiery will
To live each day as if it’s the end
Like a royalty bathe with honey and milk
Live a vanity fair of an ambitious soul
Playing to claim and win a king’s heart

Flowing fortunes of diamonds
Walk like shadows of good faith
Surrounding the world with surreal beauty
Like a doll house, extravagant and impeccable
Intransient to the eyes of the critics

In my home sweet home
Guns perish, flowers bloom
Clear waters flow so calm and pure
Sparks of those natural fireworks
In the nightsky, constellations are free

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Advising someone what to DO is pretty much of a good act- i suppose- providing it’s a good one. You know, the ”why don’t you..if i were you..you must..” stuff and etc.. I feel mature when i give sets of advice. But, (and here’s the but) i am apathetic. Ironic right?

I lack emotions, am insensitive and quiet. Sometimes, you have to tell me what’s going on ‘coz i really don’t care on someone else’s life, unless…

I think this way, if you let me be part of your burden, then i am a part of you,then i have the permission of meddling and i care what you care. Some people want to be left alone rather than be given an advice. And you know what, i’m one of those. And sometimes, the advice i give, is the advice i need for myself!

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