I am in this barren land
Dusts, deserts, cloaks
Filled my sight~
Weather’s unpleasant
Too much of high and low.

Different tongues,
So strange to my ears.
Oblivious to the culture~
Innocence is no ignorance.

Shoeprints, hoofprints
Were the only marks left
From the trail.
And then there’s silence…
The hum of the wind is what I hear.

I live in a barren land
Where water is scarce,
Where thirst is a gun~
Loaded with a bullet
Pointed at my throat…

Let drought be mine;
Body and soul were cracked
like dry mud,
Wishful for a raindrop.

First of firsts!
Like a new born child,
Of the strange world.

With closed fists,
I stood on my ground
Strengthened my fortress
Against the strong sandstorm.

I am guarded by the God of the desert
I am a daughter of His…
The sand was my witness,
The sky was my eyes.
And all came to me,
I am blessed by Him.


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